Made from soft 100% cotton fabric.Each head scarf measures 30.5 x 30.5 inches.Hand printed and stamped using ancient art techniques.Easy to tie - free scarf tying instructions are included with your purchase.Excellent for cancer patients, women with hair loss, or a modesty head covering.

For a fun and fashionable scarf look, try our exclusive 100% cotton woodblock printed head scarves. All head scarf prints and colors were designed by Danielle Yates, especially for cancer patients and women with hair loss due to other types of medical conditions. The soft cotton material feels soothing on the head and is perfect for women with sensitive scalps. They're also great for anyone looking to add some fun and versatility to their headwear wardrobe. The color and design options are all so versatile, making it easy to find one to match your particular wardrobe needs. These scarves are ultra soft, with beautiful colors and designs. These scarves are the perfect size and thickness for easy tying. This size is an excellent choice for women who prefer a more casual finished look as these are easily tied into a simple knot. Fashioned in the hard to find 30.5 inch square size, perfect for easy scarf tying around the head. Our Woodblock head scarves all come with FREE scarf tying instructions. When tied, this scarf provides total head coverage, perfect for women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other hair loss conditions. Woodblock printing is an ancient art, requiring many skilled craftsmen, among them block makers, a color master, (the dyes are made by hand), and precise printers. Skills are usually handed down from father to son. Printing a design requires between 5-15 different blocks. The printer hand stamps the cloth between 700-1000 times to create 3 meters of printed fabric. After 100 meters, the handcarved teak blocks wear out and must be carved again.

30 Inch Woodblock Hand Stamped Head Scarves Hand Made Square Cotton Scarf Isabelle Purple TFUBVXRQM

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30 Inch Woodblock Hand Stamped Head Scarves Hand Made Square Cotton Scarf Isabelle Purple TFUBVXRQM

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